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Kyle Ng of Brain Dead Interview – Into The Well

Ryan Willms (founder of Inventory Magazine) latest project Into The Well focuses on mindfulness, health and emotion. On a recent podcast there is a great interview from the very entertaining Kyle Ng of Brain Dead. He delves into his influences as a kid, family life, starting Farmtatics, the beginnings of Brain Dead and everthing inbetween. Well worth a listen – click the link below –



Next up on our guest mix series is Jonny Carberry. Jonny is resident DJ and booker at the Bullitt Bar in Belfast and he has brought over a wide variety of superb DJs over the last few years including Zaltan, Jamie Tiller, Donna Leake, Esa and Soul Jazz Records.

We have been big fans of Jonny since his residency in the Lifeboat Bar around 2007. Every Friday night was Dirty Talk Club with Jonny and Mark Gilliland and the Saturday night residency was held by David Holmes. The bar had a small capacity and very special vibe.

Jonny is an enthusiastic crate digger and every set/mix is an education. He describes this mix as a pretty chilled affair which takes in outsider soul to bedroom synth-wave and contains saxophones of both the disco and ambient variety.

Sit back and enjoy!



An ambient and atmospheric mix for strange times.


1.Popol Vuh – Aguirre I (I’acrime di rei)

2. Harold Budd – Sandtreader

3. Bohren & Der Club of G – Painless Steel

4. Free Association – Shanghai

5. Arsonist – Projecting into Phantas

6. Steve Legget & Laura – Swivel

7. Patrick Cowley – Mockingbird Dream 2

8. Cluster – Sowiesoso

9. Lo Kindre – I Don’t Really

10. June11 – White Bird

11. Loops Of Your Heart – Cries


NN – Hey Timmy, thanks for having a chat and doing a mix for us. How you coping in lockdown?

TS – Thank you gents, some days better than others. Two kids and two parents cooped up at home has its moments but glad of a patch of grass at the back and a studio in the house. 🙏 Everyone is healthy though so that’s the main thing.

NN – Glad everyone is healthy. I suppose that gives you some extra time in the studio then and you were able to do a mix for us. What was your inspiration for the selection? It has a feel-good vibe to it – is that intentional? To lift the spirits?

TS – Yeah it truly has. I’ve been aiming to do a few hours every day across a range of creative projects. Trying to form some sort of routine to the day and with music being so good for improving your mood that’s been helping. The weather at the minute really impacted on the feel of the mix. I had some great new things friends had made and given to me alongside some older records I’d picked out to play on some vinyl only situations gigs. Music to have a glass of something nice with in the sun for definite, and yes we got enough doom and gloom so upbeat and sun kissed was the agenda.

NN – For sure, it gives us something to look forward to, when we can get on the dance floor again! You’ve been championing the Belfast scene, supporting local artists and putting on successful nights in various guises since the 90’s. Can you tell us a bit about how you got started?

TS – I fell in love with the Street Sounds Electro compilations in the 80s and DJ culture through watching films like Beat Street and that led to me really starting to collect music and wanting to share that music with others. (A friend Jonny Lyons helped instantly swell my collection because he liked a leather jacket I had so I swapped it and 20 Regal for a box of 12”s he had). I was really lucky to be a teenager at the explosion of the acid house era here so I got to experience a lot of amazing sets and that really helped shape me. I learned how to mix and bagged gigs at Kelly’s and the Conor Hall and after that gained the confidence to start some nights of my own. I always remember how accommodating some DJs were to me when I was starting out, so I always like to support others with a real passion for the music.

NN – We caught the tail end of the 90’s but would have loved to experience the early days. You have been very supportive of us and we have really enjoy playing alongside yourself and Jordan at Ballyhackamore Social. How and when did you two guys team up?

TS – Well the 90s were great but I’m not one for dwelling on the nostalgia side too much, as there is still great stuff happening all the time. It’s that thing where if you have the right mix of people, the right music and environment you can always create something special. Doing nights in the suburbs has that raw new territory feel and adds some unknown excitement. I could easily see how important music was to you both and it’s hard to find music lovers who are drawn to the side of things you guys are and love having you on the team at the socials. Jordan and I actually met while delivering music workshops together, Dj’d together a few times and I remixed one of his 12”s and generally just clicked personality wise. We both care a lot about the detail in what we do, so it’s that passion thing again and as a result decided to start throwing some nights of our own.

NN – That’s it, you gotta keep moving forward. As you eluded to earlier you have a number of projects on the go – anything releasing soon? We know you had to recently postpone a UK tour for Black Bones…

TS – There are a few things coming this year. We have our first EP of original material as Black Bones on the ace Touch Sensitive label as well as a compilation project on there too. The BB7 12” landed in stores last week and the great UK tour around the Night Drives record has been rescheduled for now. I also have a solo 12” for Jordan’s Nocturne label and some other collaborative projects that are being worked on at present.

NN – Fantastic, looking forward to hearing Night Drives and didn’t know about the compilation – love a good comp. Thanks again for taking the time and looking forward to the party when this is all over.

TS – My pleasure guys.





Next up we have a Dubby mix.  Music is the answer folks.