Parra: I’m Just Happy We Got a Cat

Originally planned for the US this year, Parra has taken his I’M JUST HAPPY WE GOT A CAT  solo show virtual.

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By Parra

SEX: Too Fast To Live Too Young To Die

Great to see the first ever vinyl release of one of our favourite compilations of the past 20 years. Originally released in 2003 on Olla Records and compiled by the producer Marco Pirroni, ‘Sex:Too Fast To Live Too Young To Die’ is compiled from the records on the jukebox at Malcolm McLaren & Vivienne Westwood’s legendary shop SEX on the King’s Road. Too many good stories to write here about the songs on this (one being John Lyndon’s impromptu audition for the Sex Pistols by singing along to Alice Cooper’s ‘Eighteen’ – featured on the compilation). It just has a great flow from start to finish and gives you a flavour of the time at the shop. Featuring Screamin’ Jay Hawkins amazing version of I Put A Spell On You, Johnny Hallyday’s super cheesy Joue Pas De Rock’n’roll and Clarence ‘Frogman’ Henry’s great ‘Ain’t Got No Home’ (which in turn always makes us think of Corey Haim’s bath scene in The Lost Boys – although not his version of course). Reissued by @strangerthanparadiserecords – you can pick it up there or your great local record store.


Mark Reid / Touch Sensitive Records mix

Touch Sensitive Records represents Marks’ diverse taste in music, releasing work from the likes of Boxcutter, Documenta, Gross Net, Group Zero, David Holmes and Cherrystones to name a few.

A few words from Mark – “A super nice Sunday afternoon spent with the cat, a cuppa, and that Weatherall quote about just playing a bunch of tracks and trying not to have any gaps in between haha!
On re-listening, I noticed the majority of these tunes are taken from comps or reissues – including one from our own new release as selected by Cherrystones. Shouts to him and all the other labels/DJs doing the dusty work. Hope you enjoy.”

Many thanks to Mark for compiling this mix for us and please go and check out the latest compilation from Cherrystones – Critical Mass Vol.2 ‘Hearts of Champions’ (artwork above – image 2) on Touch Sensitive’s Bandcamp. Vinyl is sold out but you should be able to pick it up from your local record store if you are quick!

The Colours of Wong Kar-wai’s ‘In the Mood for Love’

Wong Kar-wai developed the craft of attaching specific meanings and intonations to a palette of certain colours along with his friend and longtime collaborator, the cinematographer Christopher Doyle.

Wong Kar-wai’s In the Mood for Love is undoubtably a modern masterpiece and you will struggle to find a film that uses colour to intimate the mood of scenes more effectively.


Bruce Davidson: Brooklyn Gang

Bruce Davidson is a renowned American photographer who has been a member of the prestigious Magnum Photos agency since 1958 and is best known for his documentation of subversive and counter culture groups.

In 1959, there were about 1,000 gang members in New York City who were mainly teenage males from ethnically-defined neighbourhoods in the outer boroughs.  Bruce Davidson read a newspaper article about outbreaks of street fighting in Prospect Park and during the summer of 1959 he travelled across the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan in search of a gang to photograph.  He made contact with homeless, troubled teenagers who called themselves the Jokers and photographed them over 11 months resulting in his seminal Brooklyn Gang series.

Also check out his Subway series which is a portrayal of passengers of the New York subway system in the 1980s.



Chris Frieze steps up for his first in a monthly residency for us at NN Towers and as Gimme 5 have produced a pack of tees to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the legendary club night RAGE we thought what better way to kick things off than for Chris to delve deep into his extensive record collection and produce a Rage inspired mix. “I didn’t want to just rehash the Rage classics as there is the compilation that recently came outand people would be familar with those so I did a bit of digging and put a mix together of other songs at the time along with a couple of recent remixes of Rage classics.” Listen above now and the Gimme 5 RAGE Pack is online now.

Gimme 5 The Rage Pack

It’s the 30th anniversary of the club night, “RAGE” and Gimme 5 have collaborated with Fabio and GrooveRider to celebrate this milestone.

The 1992 track Just 4 U London by Bodysnatch is the inspiration for the tee shirt pack and the result is an official collaboration with the Godfathers of drum & bass, who emerged from the late 80s underground Acid House explosion.

Check out the video to hear the guys explain the history of this legendary night and how influential it was in forming new genres such as Jungle.



This season we have the pleasure to work with Padmore & Barnes, the legendary Irish footwear manufacturer based in Kilkenny. P&B were founded in 1934 and operated a successful factory for many years bringing them to the attention of Clarks. In 1964 Clarks purchased the factory and 3 years later they introduced the Wallabee with the Padmore & Barnes factory used for production. The Wallabee’s popularity soared and P&B were producing up to 25,000 pairs a week from Kilkenny with around 500 people employed at the plant and hundreds more employed to hand-stitch the shoes at home. In 1987 Padmore & Barnes had a management buy-out as Clarks moved their production to China and they have remained independent since, most recently revived by Frank Bryan in 2012. Padmore & Barnes have worked with some of the most respected companies in our industry including Supreme (way back in 2000), Starcow and Hanon.

We chose the Original Boot and have 2 versions in Black and Brown Reverse (rough-out) Leather for a more textured upper on top of an off-white Vibram Moreflex sole for a lighter weight and increased durability. We also give a subtle nod to A Bathing Ape’s Manhunt and have tonally embossed NEVER just under the laces on each foot. Finally adding a thicker lace and a keyring with the outsole pattern embossed over our logo.

Click here to purchase from Saturday 24th October, 2020.

Leomi Leon Sadler

Leomi Leon Sadler’s illustrations are known for their hand-drawn style featuring weird and wonderful characters. They have worked with clients such as Nike ACG and Givenchy and they are a regular in the Brain Dead roster of artists.

Sadler works in all kinds of media such as soft sculpture, ceramics, comics and painting and their work has been exhibited and published internationally.

The Brain Dead AW20 collection features their original artwork and can be seen on the back of the Burgundy Earth Syndrome Fishing Fleece. The jacket is based on some hand painted utility vests they made in 2018.