Epicly Later’d – Jason Dill

Fucking Awesome lands Friday 15th March. Watch/watch again the Epicly Later’d last episode on Jason Dill.  Search for the couple of earlier ones on youtube.

Spring ’19 POP-UP

Pop-Up this weekend at Sort, 46 Hill Street, Belfast, BT1. We will have all our recent Spring ’19 collections, display by Tony Moore, a collaborative tee available on the day, visuals, beer and good music. Call down! Open Saturday 9th 10-7, Sunday 10th 12-6.

Soothing Sounds for Baby by Raymond Scott

The origins of these recordings go back to 1963 in the form of a collaboration between the Gesell Institute of Child Development in Connecticut and composer Raymond Scott.   Scott believed that the future of music lied with man computers that hadn’t been invented yet.

He invented new music making machines such as the Clavivox and recorded miles of odd experimental sounds for himself, for short films and for advertising in his vast Manhattan studios.  Soothing Sounds For Babies, which has three volumes aimed at the first 6 months, 6-12 months and finally 12-18 months of development was made in an effort to educate as well as calm new borns with a series of repetitive electronic rhythms and melodies, that grew in subtle complexity as the baby grows.

It’s not Shocking that the LPs were a flop but there influence is obvious and later generations picked up the value in the music for its minimalist aspect.  It can be compared to the works of  Silver Apples, Brian Eno, Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream despite the fact that it predates all these artists.


Video Dead Vol. 1 shot by Halfdan Venlov. Online now with second delivery online this week.

Jonny Negron for Brain Dead SS19

Jonny Negron is an artist who lives in Austin, Texas via Puerto Rico and Long Island and his artwork has a distinct graphic style which is heavily stylised and highly coloured. The illustrations are rooted in cartooning and take some influence from ancient Egyptian art.

Negron notes: “My initial figures were rooted in imagery of maternal deities and fertility goddesses. On the other hand, I find an awareness of a contradiction as much of my work also has a strong influence from the lowbrow comics and anime illustrations I was exposed to when I was a kid in the ‘90s.

For Spring/Summer 19 Brain Dead have collaborated with Jonny Negron and his artwork is featured on a superb Rayon Hawaiian shirt which is available in two colours here-


Favourite Spaces

In memory of Glenn ‘The Style Guy’ O’Brien who passed a way a few years ago, here is one of our favourite interior shoots featuring his mid-century home in Connecticut. That Ligne Roset Togo! Courtesy of The Selby.

Soulland Meets Mister Green

Soulland has teamed up with L.A. based smoking culture store Mister Green for a SS19 capsule collection expressing their view on the ongoing war on drugs.

A word from Soulland,

”In 1982, Ronald Reagan declared a ‘war on drugs’ putting in motion a long and deadly fight against Marijuana, which has since developed its own popular counterculture.”

“The rise of this culture has accentuated the meaningless of the war.”

The Mister Green Karl Tees are available here-



Brain Dead and Roa have come together with a limited edition reworked colourway of the Roa Oblique.

Roa is a brand for mountain enthusiasts, rooted in passion and search for beauty. One shoe that brings together technical performance and aesthetics, preserving traditional manufacturing processes that ensure the best outcome. The choice of each material and finishing is aimed at ensuring the best performance, results and aesthetic.

Featuring an embroidered Brain Dead heel logo, rubber toe overlay, metal eyelets, yellow heel pull and laces and a custom marbled camo Vibram sole.

Online 22.4.19 11am.

Champion Reverse Weave

Another new addition for SS19 is Champion Reverse Weave from USA.

An early 1938 patent from the Champion Knitwear Company Inc focused on a method of making athletic shirts with tubular elements and a horizontal disposition of threads to minimise stretch and shrinkage.  This is were Champion’s Reverse Weave technology was born although the process was only finalised almost fifteen years later in 1952.  In later years, Reverse Weave garments were highly prized in Japan and stores would import tons of used clothes from the USA so that enthusiasts could sort through the bales of clothing in an effort to find the garments.

Reverse Weave sweatshirts are characterised by the two side panels on the sides. Even cuffs, neck and bottom of the sweatshirts Reverse Weave have the same characteristic of the inserts in order to avoid the dispersion of heat during and after training, keeping the freedom of movement.

The exact time Champion started to link in with with hip-hop is not known but the late Gary Warnett noted that Houston legends the Geto Boys wore Champion tees on the cover of their Be Down single in 1988.  Wu-Tang Clan, Lords of the Underground and Gang Starr are among some of the early 90s’s hip-hop bands who wore the brand and they wore it baggy.  The influence started to spread and skate culture in the 90’s in particular embraced Champion sweats for their price, fit and hip-hop affiliations.

Available on never-never.com soon.


Our next ten track playlist dedicated to The Fall. Best doing it quick, what with 30 odd studio albums and countless tracks to pick from. Anyway give it a listen and here is a funny story from a recent article on Mark E Smith –

Craig Leon (Producer – Extricate [1990], Shift-Work [1991], Code: Selfish[1992]): Mark was called upon to deliver a lecture about his views on creative writing at a posh university. He arrived at the lecture hall, sat down, and then there was nothing but dead silence for minutes. He then leaned over to the mic and said, “James Joyce,” opened up a book and started reading, silently, to himself. After a while he closed the book and walked off the stage.