Maa has kindly provided us with a mix to coincide with the arrival of our SS21 selection from Beams Plus. Maa has worked for Beams for around 20 years so he is a seasoned retail veteran like ourselves! He also runs the brilliant Hamon Radio (@hamonradio / which he has been doing for several years with a few friends, organising parties and broadcasting monthly shows with guests including Dr Rob (Ban Ban Ton Ton), Lexx and Lee Kelly to name a few.


‘2020 was year none of us will forget and although there was a lot to get upset about, there was still joy to be found. Music brought so much joy to a lot of our lives last year. There were so many amazing new releases and there was a lot of time to catch up on forgotten pieces that lie upon the record shelves. I wanted to look back at some of my favourite music from 2020 on this mix. There was way too much to cram into 60 minutes so I just made a pile and hit record. And in true representation of 2020, it starts out peaceful but ends up in quite a dark place! Here’s to brighter days and a great 2021’ – Chris.

Joel Meyerowitz

Joel Meyerowitz was born in 1938 in New York City.  He worked as an art director at an advertising agency but left this job to pursue photography after being inspired by the late Robert Frank.  In 1968 he had a solo exhibition of his photographs in the Museum of Modern Art, New York and he become an early advocate of colour photography despite significant resistance to the idea that colour photography could be considered serious art.

The first photograph was taken in 1968 and Meyerowitz describes it as a casual shot of an interesting guy, only to discover later that it was Lou Reed & John Cale.


Remain In Love by Chris Frantz

Remain In Love by Chris Frantz offers a behind the scenes look at the rise of the Talking Heads and his full history in the music business such as being a member of Tom Tom Club along with his production work.

Frantz focuses on the relationships with his fellow members of the Talking Heads such as his wife Tina Weymouth (very strong relationship) and David Byrne (no so strong relationship). It is very apparent that there was tension between Frantz and David Byrne from Day 1 and Frantz and Weymouth’s instant success with Tom Tom Club definitely did not help.

The book gives you a feel of what the Lower East Side of New York was like in the mid-seventies in that it was still pretty gritty with a few artists and musicians such as Robert Rauschenberg and Debbie Harry living in the middle of a neighbourhood suffering from very high levels of drug use, homelessness and crime.  The legendary venue CBGB acted as an escape from the madness and it achieved legendary status due to the role it played in developing the punk scene in New York.  Along with the Talking Heads other regular bands were The Ramones, Blondie, Television and the Patti Smith Group.

The book goes into incredible detail when describing the Talking Heads tour schedule and there are plenty of ‘Rock and Roll’ stories, as you would expect.  Getting punched in the head by John Martyn is one of many…

Frantz and Weymouth were also involved in the infamous Happy Mondays/Barbados debacle as they were signed up to produce the Happy Mondays eagerly anticipated follow up to Pills, Thrills and Bellyaches.  Recording was to take place in Barbados at Eddy Grant’s house and it was doomed from the start with Ryder smashing his methadone supply at the airport and this resulted in him using crack cocaine instead.  Frantz recalls that Ryder was selling the furniture from Grant’s studio to pay for his habit.  After little progress was made they gave up and finished recording at a later date in England once Ryder had cleaned up.




Happy new year all! This month’s mix from Chris takes us on an intergalactic trip through the worlds of library music, tripped out techno, cosmic disco, Italo sleaze and Latin funk covers. Sounds better than than the usual January, doesn’t it?! Enjoy.


Chris Frieze for NEVER NEVER – Resident Mix 2 – December 2020. From New Age Synth to dubbed out Post Punk to electro. Enjoy!


Rockers is a 1978 Jamaican film which shines a light on the reggae scene at its peak.  It was originally intended to be a documentary and ended up as a full-length feature film starring big reggae names such as  Gregory Isaacs, Jacob Miller, Burning Spear, Big Youth and Leroy”Horsemouth” Wallace.

The plot centres around Leroy”Horsemouth” Wallace selling reggae records and settling a score with Kingston gangsters after they steal his motorbike.

One of the stand out scenes features Burning Spear consoling Horsemouth after his bike is stolen by singing an acapella version of his track Jam Not Dead.  The soundtrack is understandably sublime and features big tracks such as Junior Murvin “Police and Thieves” and Junior Byles “Fade Away”.






Parra: I’m Just Happy We Got a Cat

Originally planned for the US this year, Parra has taken his I’M JUST HAPPY WE GOT A CAT  solo show virtual.

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By Parra

SEX: Too Fast To Live Too Young To Die

Great to see the first ever vinyl release of one of our favourite compilations of the past 20 years. Originally released in 2003 on Olla Records and compiled by the producer Marco Pirroni, ‘Sex:Too Fast To Live Too Young To Die’ is compiled from the records on the jukebox at Malcolm McLaren & Vivienne Westwood’s legendary shop SEX on the King’s Road. Too many good stories to write here about the songs on this (one being John Lyndon’s impromptu audition for the Sex Pistols by singing along to Alice Cooper’s ‘Eighteen’ – featured on the compilation). It just has a great flow from start to finish and gives you a flavour of the time at the shop. Featuring Screamin’ Jay Hawkins amazing version of I Put A Spell On You, Johnny Hallyday’s super cheesy Joue Pas De Rock’n’roll and Clarence ‘Frogman’ Henry’s great ‘Ain’t Got No Home’ (which in turn always makes us think of Corey Haim’s bath scene in The Lost Boys – although not his version of course). Reissued by @strangerthanparadiserecords – you can pick it up there or your great local record store.